Pastoral Care and Wellbeing

Happy, resilient and confident children make the best learners.  At Broughton Manor, we strive to enable all pupils to belong and feel part of a positive and thriving community. 

By deploying a house point system, appointing play leaders and through the election of positions of responsibility as well as our School, Eco and Charity Councils, we encourage each child to make a positive contribution to school life while demanding the highest standards of behaviour, courtesy and respect. 

Our staff make time for our pupils and ensure that they are heard and feel valued. We have a school matron, and a mental health lead available at all times, and our curriculum ensures that all pupils are offered many opportunities to learn how to be strong and resilient, by taking care of their mental and physical health.

“We are are very happy that our daughter is part of Broughton Manor. An excellent school with great facilities, lovely staff and brilliant teachers with enthusiasm, good humour and loads of patiance! Thank you all for your work and support. “

Broughton Manor Prep School
Parent – Summer ’23

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