At Broughton Manor we keep in line with the very latest technology and digital skills, to enhance our children’s learning, to engage and inspire their minds, and to prepare them for the digital working world.  We offer twice-weekly lessons for children in one of our state-of-the-art computer rooms. 

Our Computing suites are equipped with a range of Apple iMacs, iPads and laptops, and by the end of Year 6, children are well equipped with exceptional knowledge and a broad range of technical skills, enabling them to be well and truly ready for secondary school and beyond. 

Children learn how technology has developed through the years, how to program, how to decipher code, how to produce music and much more. We learn and develop our understanding of all the different computer ‘jargon’ and grasp essential computer skills. We are however, not limited to using computers! We have a range of Sphero robots, Beebots and BBC Microbits, which extend learning beyond the screen.  Each year group undertakes an unique project, such as stop-motion animation or a fully acted-out movie trailer. 

We take a strong stance when it comes to online safety and all children are taught in an age-appropriate way to stay safe online and ultimately know who to turn to and what to do if they encounter anything online that makes them uncomfortable or worried. 

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