During their time at Broughton Manor, children learn French, and later, Spanish.  Exposure to another Modern Language before starting secondary school gives them an excellent base from which to make informed choices about their future language learning, and their place anywhere in the world.  During lessons we aim to involve pupils in active learning through playing games, role-play and singing songs and nursery rhymes in order to develop the pupils’ self-confidence in speaking a foreign language.  They are encouraged to use the target language at every opportunity, both in class and out, to peers and teachers, and those children that take part in the ski trip have the opportunity to practise their language skills in France.

Our curriculum ensures that vocabulary is built on year by year, and children go on to develop their reading and writing skills in the target language.  Furthermore, pupils spend time researching the wider French and Spanish-speaking world, enhancing their knowledge and understanding of other cultures.

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