Children in the Prep Department are taught a tailored PHSE and SRE session twice a week. Our PHSE curriculum gives our children the knowledge, understanding, attitudes and practical skills to know how to deal with the modern world and to live safe, healthy and productive lives – ultimately, it is a way of helping children to understand happiness, and to meet their full potential. We learn through exciting discussions, drawing, writing and role play all with the following aims in mind: 

  • To respect and care bodies and minds.
  • To provide the knowledge and information to which all pupils are entitled.
  • To raise pupils’ self-esteem and confidence, especially in their relationships with others.
  • To help pupils develop relevant skills (in language, decision making, assertiveness) and make the most of their abilities.
  • To provide the confidence to be participating members of society and to value themselves and others.
  • To help gain access to information and support.
  • To develop skills for a healthier, safer lifestyle into adulthood.
  • To develop and use communication skills and assertiveness skills to cope with the influences of their peers and the media.
To view our PHSE curriculum overview, please click here

“We are are very happy that our daughter is part of Broughton Manor. An excellent school with great facilities, lovely staff and brilliant teachers with enthusiasm, good humour and loads of patiance! Thank you all for your work and support.”

Broughton Manor Prep School
Parent – Summer ’23

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