Our Creative Curriculum inspires our children to be confident learners. A cross-curricular approach creates meaningful connections in their learning. Pupils have opportunities to investigate, collaborate, communicate, reflect and evaluate. Above all, they are mentally and physically busy, fully involved and engaged in their learning. This stimulating start in their educational journey develops learners who are inquisitive and independent, who have the stamina and resilience to engage and retain information and who develop the all-important skills required for now and for the future.

The Pre-Preparatory curriculum follows the National Curriculum, but is extended to cover a greater breadth and depth of learning. Children are taught by specialist teachers and have access to our purpose built computing suite, drama and music studio, the assembly hall and a large sports hall. 

The wide range of activities take place both in the class and outdoors in the Spinney. Our curriculum ensures the highest standards in all subjects and a continuity between the pre-preparatory and the preparatory departments. Our well qualified, experienced and committed staff create learning environments which are caring and stimulating. Every child is treated as an individual. We tailor additional support to children where required, and we challenge the most able, gifted and talented. We are committed to providing a firm foundation for all children in our care as they look forward to the exciting next steps in education and the challenges they will face in life.

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