Daily Life

Our school day begins at 9am in class bases and the day progresses from there. Each class has timetabled specialist lessons on certain days, and every day, a snack at playtime, a further play break and delicious home cooked lunch. 

In the Pre-Preparatory years, children learn how to respect themselves and others, and to recognise that other people have needs and feelings. They learn to talk excitedly about what interests them and to listen to what others have to say. They begin to understand that language, thinking and learning are interlinked. 

They become confident individuals and feel valued. At the same time, with praise and encouragement, they are learning the basic skills which form the foundation for future learning. It is such a vital time in our children’s lives.

“Fundamentally, I trust the carers and school team with my daughter. She’s happy, confident and kind and the care and attention she gets is second to none. I’m happy with everything the school is doing.”

Broughton Manor Prep School
Parent – Summer ’23

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