Nursery Fees

Broughton Manor Nursery is open for children from 2 months to rising 3 when pupils transfer to Pre-School. Our opening hours are from 8.00am to 5.45pm Monday to Friday for 44 weeks of the year as published on this page

We have a minimum session requirement as laid out in the table below. We cannot guarantee that space will be available should you wish to increase sessions although we will do our best to oblige.

Fees include:

  • Lunches
  • Mid-morning snack 

Year GroupMin RequirementNotes
-5 to -34 mornings / 2 daysMorning: 8am – 1pm
Day: 8am – 3.30pm / 5.45pm
-24 mornings / 3 days
Weekly Fees
Day8am – 3.30pm8am – 5.45pm
5 Days£337.50£362.50
4 Days£320£344
3 Days£240£258
2 Days£160£172
Morning8am – 1pm
5 mornings£275
4 mornings£230
Sibling Discount
2nd Child10%
Subsequent Siblings20%
Wraparound Care
Early Care (7.30am-8am)£5 in advance / £10 not in advance
Late Stay (5.45pm – 6.30pm)£8.50 in advance / £17 not in advance

Admissions Fees

Non-refundable Registration fee £100 and a Refundable Deposit fee £250 (returned in full upon receipt of final invoice payment).

Early Education Government Funding

We offer funding as follows, subject to eligibility criteria set by the Government:

  • 9mths to 2yrs – 15hrs funding 
  • 3yr to 4yrs – up to a maximum of 30hrs funding 

Funding is available for 38 weeks of your child’s attendance at Nursery and the funding will be deducted from your termly invoice. We offer a maximum of 5 funded hours per day as morning sessions.

Parents must request an eligibility code using the Government Website and provide it to the Bursar along with their National Insurance Number to be eligible for the funding.

The 3-5 year old funding is intended to deliver 15 and 30 hours a week of free, high quality, flexible childcare. It is not intended to cover the cost of meals, other consumables, additional non funded hours or other activities (including external clubs which are charged at an extra rate) which are included in our standard rates.

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