Why Choose BMPS

Choosing a school that provides an excellent education for your child is crucial for their overall academic and personal development, and for their future impact on the world. 

Here is how Broughton Manor enables this:

    1. Quality of education: At Broughton Manor a broad and rigorous quality education is the key. We have high academic standards, a challenging and highly varied curriculum, with a focus on core learning in English and maths, and all foundation subjects, where teachers encourage critical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity.
    2. Curriculum: Our curriculum is innovative, related to the National Curriculum, and up to date with current trends and technologies.
    3. Specialist Teaching: We have qualified and experienced specialist teachers, for children aged 3 (music and PE) right through to Year 6, who are passionate experts in their respective fields. Our staff have a commitment to every child’s success. 
    4. Support and Wellbeing: We prioritise pupil’s individual strengths and needs, their character development, and their personal growth. We have a mental health leader, a school matron, and we offer support to children and their families wherever needed.
    5. Cultural ethos: We encourage diversity, inclusion and above all, respect.
    6. Extra-curricular opportunities: We offer a range of activities outside of school hours, such as sports, arts, music, and clubs, to help children develop their interests and skills.
    7. Facilities: We have specialist subject classrooms to support effective learning. These include our science lab, a cutting-edge computer suite, music and drama studios, libraries, Design Technology room, beautiful outdoor spaces and the breath-taking Art room (complete with aquarium!)
    8. Community: We encourage parental involvement at all times, as communication fosters a collaborative and supportive learning environment. We are proud of the work our children do for their local community and wider world charities.
    9. Location: Broughton Manor is located close to Junction 14 of the M1 motorway, yet just over 10 minutes from the City Centre. We are in a safe and accessible area of Milton Keynes. We have substantial parking and welcome visits at any time.

“We are are very happy that our daughter is part of Broughton Manor. An excellent school with great facilities, lovely staff and brilliant teachers with enthusiasm, good humour and loads of patiance! Thank you all for your work and support. “

Broughton Manor Prep School
Parent – Summer ’23

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